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Metal Components

We manufacture various components for cans including Lids, Rings and Regular Ends. Ir-regular sizes and novelty shapes can be developed to fit specific customer requirements. At AJ we can offer both plain and decorated ends. Please get in touch with us using our enquiry form to get a quote.

Our ends ensure smoothest and easiest operation with excellent tooling properties. We offer various options for lacquering such as vinyl, epoxy or organosol based lacquer and water or oil based compound lining to suit your requirement.

Regular Ends

We manufacture 211, 300, 301, 307, 401, 404, 502, 603, 700 and 708 dia ends in different temper and gauge.

These ends can also be decorated and embossed as per the requirement of the customer.

Ring, Lid & Tagger

Also known as The Penny Lever lid. A proven and cost effective option offering both connivence and safety.  We manufacture Ring, Lid & Tagger in the following sizes:

  • 301 – 76 mm
  • 307 – 83 mm
  • 401 – 99 mm
  • 404 – 105 mm

These ends can be embossed as per the requirement of the customer.

Double Tight Ring & Lid

A must for sealing paint cans. DT Ring and Lid ensures maximum protection from spillage yet offers everyday use convenience. We manufacture DT Ring Ring and Lids in the following sizes:

  • 307 – 83mm
  • 404 – 105 mm
  • 700 – 170mm

The lids can be embossed as per the requirement of the customer.